Canterbury Government Funding Programmes

Government Funding Snapshot

Grants: 65
Funding Potential:$500 - $25,000,000
Loans: 10
Success Average:$3,603,417


The New Zealand region of Canterbury is a great location for small businesses interested in the agricultural, fishing, forestry or tourism industries. Overall, the Canterbury Government and the New Zealand Government as a whole are both very supportive of small businesses. These governments currently offer 10 business loan programmes and 65 business grant programmes available to qualified small business owners in the region. Furthermore, there are ___ government support programmes that are currently available to aid small business owners with matters not related to funding, including expert advice, free courses and seminars, mentorship programmes and much more.

Government Funding Programmes

Qualified Canterbury based businesses may receive anywhere from $500 to $25,000,000 dollars in government funding to help finance their small business needs. If you are an entrepreneur in the Canterbury region interested in learning which government programmes your small business may qualify for, then try our Grant Finder to quickly and easily figure out exactly which programmes and how much funding you can potentially receive.

Success Stories

For a listing of Canterbury based businesses that have already received government funding in the past, take a look at the current list of successful funding recipients and read about their success stories.

These entrepreneurs received, an average of, $3,603,417 dollars from government grants and/or loans.

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