Grants and Subsidies (One-Time & Renewable)

Programme Snapshot

Category:Grants and subsidiesNational:39
Regional:57Amounts:$1,500 - $500,000

When you receive this money, you don't have to pay it back. It's yours to use under the terms of the grant. The federal and regional governments know that it's tough for small businesses like yours to bring new products to market, make your company more efficient, or hire employees. So they provide millions of dollars a year to aid New Zealand entrepreneurs who look to start their own business.

For example, the Enterprise Allowance Grant provides grants to start-up New Zealand businesses that require money to cover the costs of essential start-up items.

The federal and regional governments also recognise that some regions and business sectors need more economic development support than others. Businesses across the country are eligible for some of the millions of dollars in funding allotted for this development.

Small businesses accessing grant programmes enjoy a bonus benefit: once you've successfully received funding, you're more likely to get additional grants from the same agency because you meet their programme requirements..

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